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Micky Purcell

Micky Purcell, owner and trainer of Folly Farm, has 30+ years of horse experience. Her love for horses began at a young age and has yet to stop.


She began her horse career by training with the British Horse Society where she gained her qualification as a riding instructor. She is also a certified Equine Massage Therapist. Her background allows her to combine her horse training knowledge with her massage experience so she can approach training from a unique point-of-view.


With each of her clients, whether they board at Folly Farm or trailer in for lessons, she aims to produce a balanced and supple horse and rider while maintaining the integrity of the horses musculature.


Before moving to NC in 2006, Micky lived in Dubai, U.A.E. for 20 years where she trained horses, gave lessons, and practiced equine massage.  

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